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Make difficult conversations productive

Learn effective communication with continued on-the-job support through our AI-assisted training programs

Ensure key conversations happen the right way

  • Prevent ill-chosen words from eroding trust

  • Find the words to affirm values of trust, support and collaboration


Backed by science

We help you communicate effectively based on insights from neuroscience and psychology research.
Importance of Diplomacy

Give effective feedback

9 out of 10 managers avoid constructive feedback for fear of negative reactions from employees. Diplomacy Dojo helps you give feedback that is objective and useful.
Importance of Diplomacy

Reduce bias

Women and minorities are 50% more likely to receive vague, subjective feedback and more often demotivated by unhelpful feedback. Our tools reduce bias by promoting objective, supportive feedback.
Importance of Diplomacy

Manage differences productively

89% of managers would like to improve their ability to handle conflict. Our tools help you reframe conflict into productive conversations.


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