Real time support for difficult conversations

Learn on-the-job to find the right words for giving feedback and managing conflict with our AI-assisted tools and training

Future-proof your culture with AI that preserves relationships

Started as a university funded project, now helping companies across the world. Our training programs and support tools help employees use language that promotes trust and collaboration.

What our clients say

An on-demand diplomacy coach

-Obi Nwosu, CEO of Coinfloor

The techniques I learn, I use at work the very next day

-Maile Ohye, Senior Principal Product Manager at LinkedIn

My work relationships are better than ever

-Fred Fisher, Lead Engineer at Lyst

It's given me so much more confidence

-Claudine Chen, Backend Engineer at Drop

Helps you have those tough discussions

-Laura Dabner, L&D Partner at QMUL

Essential for anyone who wishes to be successful

-Bridget Greenwood, Founder at The Bigger Pie

Engaging experiences that make learning last

Our AI training and support tools enable continuous learning to achieve high quality conversations at scale.
Importance of Diplomacy

Focused on key behaviours

Personalised feedback from our AI makes learning efficient by focusing on key areas for improvement in communication
Importance of Diplomacy

Well-timed and relevant

Short, interactive scenarios offer learning in the moment of need. Get support for challenging conversation topics as they come up at work.
Importance of Diplomacy

Sustained behavior change

Our AI writing assistant supports continuous learning on-the-job, enabling long-term confidence with difficult conversations.

Backed by science

We help you avoid defensiveness and negativity using insights from neuroscience and psychology research.

Artificial Intelligence Support

See examples of how our AI supports difficult conversations

Build a culture of high quality conversations

Importance of Diplomacy

Useful feedback

9 out of 10 managers avoid constructive feedback for fear of negative reactions from employees. We help you give feedback that is objective and motivating.
Importance of Diplomacy

Equality, diversity, and inclusion

61% of employees report experiencing bias at work at least once a month. We show you how to respond to bias inclusively and discuss diversity issues safely.
Importance of Diplomacy

Productive conflict

89% of managers would like to improve their ability to handle conflict. We help you address conflict productively, avoiding defensiveness and negativity.


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