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Our mission is to support emotional health in workplaces across the world. Our training programs, trainer licensing, and support tools empower managers and employees to handle emotionally challenging situations in a supportive, productive way.

What our partners say

Like an immersive game

-Ioana Dalca, Senior Analyst, Nielsen

For effective communication training, look no further

-Gena Gibson, Director of Data Science at Ricardo Energy & Environment

I feel more free and satisfied at work

-Ann Fisher, Partner at Hatchers Solicitors LLP

An on-demand coach

-Obi Nwosu, CEO of Coinfloor

Essential for anyone who wishes to be successful

-Bridget Greenwood, Founder at The Bigger Pie

Amazing! Very informative and engaging

-Vicky Clark, Associate Director at Quadrant

Backed by science

We help you handle difficult situations productively using insights from neuroscience and psychology research.

Supporting Emotional Health at Work

Recent data finds that a third of all workers very often feel burned out at work. Poor mental health costs UK employers an estimated £56 billion a year.

We live in a society that lacks guidance for how to support each other emotionally. Many feelings are often deemed unprofessional inappropriate for the workplace. But guess what, no matter how far down we bury them, emotions are always present.

Suppressed emotions can erupt into rage, fester as resentment, engulf us in anxiety, and lead to burnout, depression, and physical illness.

Meditation, yoga sessions, and petting zoos help our mental health, but nothing will replace the healing power of allowing our emotions to be expressed and received in a healthy, supportive way.

Now you can train all your staff with the Emotional Health Essentials in-company programme.


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