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Why is it important to be objective?

"The highest form of intelligence is the ability to observe without evaluating"

Speaking objectively is more compelling and effective

By learning to communicate only through indisputable facts, you present a more compelling case for your point. You are also less likely to trigger others negatively by sounding judgmental, critical, or biased. You will sound more powerful and persuasive if you are clearly sticking to the irrefutable facts of the matter.

How to speak objectively

Our interpretations are necessary for us to navigate the world. However, it can be very hard to use objective language because we rely so much on judgments to navigate life. One trick for being more objective is to consider whether your description would be captured by a video camera. A video camera cannot recognise someone as:

  • being dismissive
  • being aggressive
  • cutting people off

A video can recognize someone as:

  • rolling their eyes
  • speaking in a louder tone of voice
  • starting to speak before someone else finished

The video below has more examples of objective communication:

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