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Fast track to mastering difficult work conversations

Neuroscience based training combined with artificial intelligence to support engaging, continuous learning and behavior change
Employee Conversation

Engaging training with lasting impact

Like an immersive game

-Ioana Dalca, Senior Analyst, Nielsen

For effective communication training, look no further

-Gena Gibson, Director of Data Science at Ricardo Energy & Environment

I feel more free and satisfied at work

-Ann Fisher, Partner at Hatchers Solicitors LLP

Advantages over traditional training:

  • Relevant in-the-moment: Curate relevant content from our on-demand library of bite-sized practice modules featuring common crucial work conversations.

  • Focused on key behaviors: AI tools provide real-time, personalised feedback focused on the specific phrases to be improved upon.

  • On-the-job: Address needs in the moment with AI tools that help you prepare effective messages for real, upcoming difficult situations.

  • Experiential: Simulated practice of realistic difficult conversations.

  • Measurable: Track records of successfully handled conversations.

  • Co-created by users: Build a values-aligned phrase bank for difficult situations customized for your organization.

Employee Conversation

Learning that's easy to measure:

  • Engagement: Record how often conversations are being transformed using our AI tools

  • Effectiveness: Assess improvement in conversation capabilities

  • Application: Track the language being used to discuss issues important to your organization

  • Knowledge sharing: Submit useful phrases into a phrase bank to be shared shared with colleagues

Measurable Learning



Importance of Diplomacy

Feedback Made Easy and Effective

Whether corrective or affirming, we'll equip your employees with the skills of giving and receiving feedback essential for every workplace.
Importance of Diplomacy

Inclusive Conversations About Diversity

Put inclusivity into practice. Promote shared understanding and trust while having conversations about diversity, sensitive issues and change.
Importance of Diplomacy

Conflict Resolution for Managers

Give managers the capabilities to resolve conflicts. Prevent issues from escalating. Learn the skills to navigate interpersonal differences while preserving relationships.


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