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Fast track to mastering difficult conversations

Human-led training combined with artificial intelligence-powered tools to sustain and embed learning

Make every conversation constructive

Traditional training via one-time workshops are not enough to sustain behavior change. Our communication training programs are based on neuroscience research to support lasting learning in minimal time. We combine live human-led webinars with microlearning modules and on-the-job support using AI-powered tools to sustain and embed learning.

Our training packages include:

  • Live webinar training: Learn the practical skills for effective feedback and difficult conversations based on neuroscience and behavioral science research, including role plays with feedback from our expert human trainers.

  • On-demand microlearning modules to reinforce learning: Continue practicing effective communication for common workplace scenarios any time using our short (~10 minute) online practice sessions while receiving real time AI feedback.

  • Continued support for embedding learning at work: Our AI-powered support tools embed continuous learning on-the-job by providing support for real, upcoming difficult conversations.

Employee Conversation

Advantages over traditional training:

  • Learning is sustained over time: We supplement our training with on-demand practice modules, featuring common challenging communication scenarios that leaders face. For more on the importance of spacing learning over time see here.

  • Learning is reinforced with continuous feedback: Our AI tools provide real-time, personalised feedback on specific phrases to be improved upon. This enables deliberate practice, which has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to learn new skills. For more see here.

  • Learning is embedded through on-the-job support: Our AI-powered tools helps you prepare effective messages for real, upcoming situations, enabling on-the-job learning. For more about on-the-job learning see here.

I often find myself between being too agreeable when I'm avoiding conflict or too overbearing when I can no longer avoid the conflict anymore. Diplomacy Dojo does not shy away from the real issues in a conflict yet still allowed me to avoid the accusations and judgments that too often hold me back from trying to resolve the dispute in the first place. It makes it easy to structure my thoughts, know what I want to happen and find the right words to say what has to be said.

Workshop Topics Include:

Importance of Diplomacy

Giving and receiving feedback effectively

  • transform subjective impressions into objective feedback
  • frame critical feedback supportively and constructively
  • receive feedback effectively
Importance of Diplomacy

Difficult conversations around diversity

  • speak constructively about diversity issues
  • bring up concerns around bias effectively
  • discuss differences in viewpoints safely and empathically
Importance of Diplomacy

Conflict resolution and management

  • manage negative emotions
  • hear others and be heard
  • seek understanding and common purpose
  • find the opportunity in conflict


Ready to learn more? We look forward to exploring ways to bring Diplomacy Dojo training into your organization. You can also email us at: